Chapter 1 – 3 of THUG

The first 3 chapters of Thug starts of at a party. The main character Starr is at a party with her friend. At the party she meets her childhood friend, Khalil. The talk for a bit. Then somebody fires a gun and they all run out. Khalil takes Starr to his car and drives off.

After some driving a cop pulls them over. The cop tells Khalil to strep out of the car and puts him there as he walks back to his own. When the cop leave Khalil, Khalil moves to check on Starr. The cop sees this and decides to shoot and kill Khalil.

The rest of the chapters tells how Starr feels and what she thinks about. She doesn’t feel the same and don’t know what to do.

I’m also watching the movie to get a visual representative of the book. So far it really helps, and it makes it so it’s easier to understand the emotions and what’s happening in the movie. 

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