US school system vs. UK school system

You would think that since the US and the UK both have a lot of similarities when it comes to language you might believe that their school systems are very alike. But in reality, they aren’t.

The education system in the UK

The UK(England, Wales and Northern Ireland) follow the National Curriculum, but Scotland, however, has its very own system that I will not cover here. 

In the UK, children start schooling in grade 4, earlier than in the US, and with more focus on academics. With key-stage examinations and a two-year GCSE program, starting at age 14. Then followed by the two-year A Level program, starting at age 16. This system leads the students towards increased specialization and is called a winnowing system.

A huge problem in UK´s school system is their lack in teachers. There are 1,200 too few physics teachers, 1,000 computing teachers and 1,850 math teachers. The problem is greatly shown in inner London, where only 57% of teachers who qualified in 2012 are still working as teachers in 2017.  Thousands of children that is in need of special education can’t get it, because of funding for schools that provide it. The number rose from 1710 in 2016 to 4050 in 2017.

The education system in the US

The US system focuses less on examination and students focuses more on the general all the way through to the end of secondary school. They graduate high school in year 12 (year 13 in the UK). More than 500 billion dollars are spent each year in public primary and secondary education. 

In the early years of US schools, the children are eased into academics and the focus heavily on the social skills of the students. They also have a heavy emphasis on developing basic English and math skills. The US school are divided into three levels of schools: elementary (Grades K–5), middle (Grades 6–8) and high (Grades 9–12). 

A problem is the US school system is the rate of high school dropouts. Around 3 million students in the ages 16 – 24 drop out each year, a rate of 6.6 percent of 2012. And what´s really scary is that 75 percent of crimes are committed by those students who drop out. 

In 2011, a survey showed that teachers in America work 1,097 hours in the classroom. This study was by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. This was the most of any industrialized nation. 


The movie is set in Britain in the early 20th century. What the movie tells us the story of how women were suppressed and ignored by the press and the politicians. The movie tells the story of the suffragettes and how they fought for equality and the right to vote as women. The movie also shows historical figures and fictional characters interacting as they struggle to get women the vote.

I really enjoyed the movie and it showed me how hard it was for women back then in Britain.

Chapter 1 – 3 of THUG

The first 3 chapters of Thug starts of at a party. The main character Starr is at a party with her friend. At the party she meets her childhood friend, Khalil. The talk for a bit. Then somebody fires a gun and they all run out. Khalil takes Starr to his car and drives off.

After some driving a cop pulls them over. The cop tells Khalil to strep out of the car and puts him there as he walks back to his own. When the cop leave Khalil, Khalil moves to check on Starr. The cop sees this and decides to shoot and kill Khalil.

The rest of the chapters tells how Starr feels and what she thinks about. She doesn’t feel the same and don’t know what to do.

I’m also watching the movie to get a visual representative of the book. So far it really helps, and it makes it so it’s easier to understand the emotions and what’s happening in the movie. 

Results of the 2019 General Election

The resuts are now in and it shows that votes for the pro-Brexit Conservatives had 10 times the effective power of votes for the anti-Brexit Liberal Democrats. The reason for this is the electoral system known as “first past the post.”

The votes show that the Conservatives had 43,6 % of the votes while the Labor Party only had 32,2 %. What shocked me was that the Labor Party actually had a los of -7,8 shares since 2017, while every other Party had gained.

Britain´s Social Care

Britain’s social care is now in a extremally horrible position. Almost 1,2 million  older people are now living without the proper health care that they need. There is also another 1 million disabled people that are also not getting the help they need. Some examples in this is that severely ill people forced to wait 14 hours to go to the toilet or that some wheelchair isn’t given the help they need to do simple daily tasks. 

Next summer the government will release papers that will tell us how they will attack this mountainous problem. This time they can’t just put the tax up. This time they the government must be pressed on long-term funding.

First Blog Post

My name is Theodor Lilleheim. My class is 3st1 and i like working out and playing basketball. I chose this class because i went to the US for one year and i want to learn more about how the country is run.

I´ve learned that the American and the British political systems are different in many ways. The president is elected every 4 years and can in total serve for max 8 years. The Prime Minister is elected usualy every 5 years and can serve for as long as hes able to. Britan has a monarcy and the US has a republican system. But they both have a winner takes it all system.

I learned that there are a lot of protsters protesting at the moment. A lot of people are not happy about rules their state or country are run by. Some of these issues are sosurrounding abourtion, democrasy and

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